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Publications have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. In 1993 my dad helped found the PC Pilots Ireland; a flight simulation enthusiasts group which to this day releases a quarterly magazine, formatted and compiled by my dad and his co-founder Terry. Some of my earliest memories are helping place the magazines in the envelopes in order to get a sneaky couple of minutes on the original ‘Doom’. My first foray into graphic design came a few years later; designing logos / mastheads on Microsoft Publisher for the many “pay-per-view” events I used to stage with my WWF actions figures. Cool, I know.

But it was because of these sports-entertainment-based encounters with Publisher than almost a decade later I was put in charge of designing, compiling and editing the material for my secondary school yearbook. After a lot more formatting than studying, the final product was a 110-page Bebo-inspired memento filled with individual student profiles, retrospective articles, embarrassing photos and the results of the essential tongue-in-cheek year group survey.

After coming to Maynooth in September 2008 as an Arts student (English, Philosophy & Psychology), I was elected as the Students’ Union’s First Year Representative. It was during this campaign that I first began to toy with Photoshop, editing some of my old secondary school campaign posters for reuse. I continued to experiment with the programme after the election campaign, slowly teaching myself the ins and outs during my spare time.

When the then-Finance Officer Eoin Byrne was elected as VP Comms & Dev the following February, my interest and growing skills in graphic design resulted in me being asked to assistant him throughout the year. I accepted the role, helping format the newly titled magazine ‘The Print’ and designing other Students’ Union materials such as event posters and welfare-orientated business cards. Also during this time I created what would prove to be my last document in MS Publisher: a short 18-page booklet entitled ‘Drama For Dummies’ for the Drama Society. My reliable output in this role resulted in me being asked to continue my work as an assistant by Rob Munnelly when he was elected VP Comms & Dev this time last year.

When Rob took office eight months ago, my involvement with the communications side of the Union increased further. I was a regular visitor to the office during July, August and early September, helping design this year’s First Year Handbook. I was a major contributor to the change of the format of ‘The Print’ from a magazine to a newspaper, starting two regular entertainments features (‘Indie Know’ and ‘Oh, YouTube’) as well as conducting almost all of the entertainments-based interviews in the paper. Furthermore, I was also made an official poster designer for the SU, with events coordinator Shea McNeills contacting me directly regarding various event posters. In my spare time I have also done some minor graphic design work for the Drama Society, of which I am currently President, and several other societies.

As well as these activities within college, I am also a student representative for HotPress, working at various events, and an Abbey Theatre Champion (although it’s not as fancy a duty as the title suggests).

I am running for VP Comms & Dev because I honestly believe I’m the right candidate for the job. I have both the skill and work ethic required to continue our Students’ Union development in its media resources and representation.

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